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That one cannot hear

That one has a chronic condition


It’s never the parents’ fault

Nor the child’s

Nobody is to be blamed for


“I’m sorry to give you ears that cannot hear.”

“I’m sorry your ears cannot hear.”

“I’m sorry to give you an illness.”


I often hear that some parents feel such way

Or some even tell their child so


Such feelings are understandable

Anyone would be shocked in such a situation

But please

Do not say you are “sorry”

From the child’s perspective

It could be very sad and painful to hear or feel

Such things from their parents


I know it’s hard to take. 

It’s difficult, you worry or get hurt

Many of my disabled friends and acquaintances said so


Instead of feeling you are sorry,

It would be better if you could tell us, “You’re going to be alright”

If you are not yet comfortable to tell us “You’re going to be alright”,


Please give us a warm, sincere embrace



If ever,

A child said to you

“Why can’t I hear?”

“Why am I so different from the others?”

“Why do I have to go through all of this?”

Or if she was crying,

You can wrap her with a good strong hug


And tell her gently and firmly,

Instead of saying sorry,

“The reason that you cannot hear, and have a condition,

  Is the most amazing gift that God has given you

  He chose you because he knows you can overcome this difficulty

  It is a very wonderful thing

  You may be in tough times right now, but the harder you try

   It will pay off more than doubled


These words that my mother has given me over the years

Has lifted me through my lowest times


I’m sure there is happiness beyond one’s difficulties

Happiness that you can find especially because of experiencing some disability or disease

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